YOB at The Royale – 4/3/19

▣The Royale | Boston, MA                             ▣Wednesday, April 3rd 2019

This show was my first trip to the Royale in Boston, and I’ve got a couple of things to say about it as I normally do. The place itself was nice. Cool layout, good sound, nice bartenders. The staff though, rude as hell. I arrived a little into the first set and came up to the photo pit to scope it out. The kid looks at me and goes “You have a photo pass?” To which I answer “Yessir.” He then very rudely asks “Well where the hell is it?” They may have been fine for guests but as someone working, I wasn’t very happy with them. I’d give it another shot but I’ve got a mad sour taste in my mouth.

ANYWAY, Amenra opened up the show and is self admittedly, my first live doom metal experience. I actually enjoyed this band the most out of all three. It was a very ethereal experience watching them and listening to the drone they created. The stage was very dark with a projection and the overall impending doom of the performance was physically measurable. I enjoyed it live and will be checking it out on iTunes later.

Voivod started up next. Never heard of these guys either but after doing a little research, they are one of Canada’s “big 4” thrash metal bands. The dudes have been jamming since 1982 and they were still energetic and appeared to be having fun. Thrash isn’t really my thing, but they were enjoyable to watch, and the crowd dug it! If it is your thing, check them out!

YOB, the band of the night. Again never heard of them but they’ve got quite a following online and the house was packed so apparently I’m one of the only people who’ve never heard of em! It struck me as odd but there was almost no showmanship for the set. Their crew set up the equipment and the three dudes just strolled onto the stage. They’re considered doom and stoner metal which apparently translates into 3 songs totaling 50 minutes as one of their early releases was. We were given 15 minutes versus the normal 3 song rule which makes sense since their entire setlist was only 6 songs but well over an hour. After doing some research, however, they appear to be a premier doom metal band so if that’s your thing, get on that catalog!

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Peace and blessings!

Der Meister


Review & Photos: Anthony Coy


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