Trivium – The Sin and The Sentence World Tour 2018 at Worcester Palladium – 10/14/18

▣Palladium | Worcester, MA                                  ▣Sunday, October 14th 2018

Thanks for coming back to Rockstar Culture and checking out our newest concert review! We were fortunate enough to cover a STACKED show with a couple of my old favorites and a new found favorite. Trivium is out for their 10th anniversary release of “Shogun” and they’ve got a massive setlist! My personal favorite Avatar is co headlining with an ever evolving setlist (follow their production manager on Instagram @4lom4hire, he’s been posting the list from every show) and they have Light the Torch opening up this killer line up. We’ve covered Avatar and Trivium before, so we’re going to focus on Light the Torch. Almost forgot my shameless plug for the Palladium in Worcester too. Easily one of the best metal venues in the area. Polite staff, good lighting, great sound. Get to a show down there!


Howard Jones should be a household name by now if you consider yourself a metalhead. For those who may not know, Howard is the vocalist who took local act Killswitch Engage to fame. Howard replaced Jesse after their first album and his first release with the band was the banger everyone knows “The End of Heartache.” Jones was with Killswitch for 9 years until he had to step down to better manage his type 2 diabetes which was horrible to manage with the hectic touring lifestyle. As a musician, I get the itch, so not long after, Howard joined up with current guitarist Francesco Artusato to create The Devil You Know.


Two albums and a couple of lineup changes later, they rebranded themselves as Light the Torch and just released their newest effort in March. “Revival” features Howard with ALL the hooks and emotion you’ve come to expect from him, Some djenty goodness from Francesco, and a very solid metalcore rhythm section from Ryan Wombacher on bass and Mike Sciulara on drums. This album is seriously good. The live show/ sound is as well. Scope my pictures on their official Instagram and on mine too! Pick up the album too and let us know what you think of it!


My boys in Avatar literally never disappoint and Sunday was no exception. Opened the night with a blacked-out stage to which John sneakily runs out to the kit and Kungen, my liege, strolls out and starts the clean “Let it Burn” riff. Great opening song, great energy, great windmills. Pick up “Avatar Country” out now. Scope our review of it too here!

Trivium has been around for some time at this point and they just keep getting better. Their newest release, The Sin and The Sentence, is easily my favorite of their entire catalogue. Not exclusively because the addition of their new drummer, but seriously, if you’ve never seen this kid drum, go to YouTube right now and watch one of his playthrough videos. Search Alex Bent to find him. This tour is celebrating the 10thanniversary of their album “Shogun” and the setlist picks from all of their catalog, even older, more obscure songs. Fun to watch and listen to as always, this tour is NOT something you’re going to want to miss. The guys are playing in Minnesota tonight (Oct 22nd) and ending on Sat Nov. 3rd in Berkeley, CA. If possible and if you already haven’t, get out to see this!


All albums discussed are available at all your favorite spots to get music and if they aren’t on your phone already, I suggest you go grab them asap.

As always, thanks for checking this out and let us know what you think of these guys! Photos below! Find me on Instagram at @iliumfoto_official and the site at @rockstarculture.

Peace and blessings.

Review & Photos: Anthony Coy

Additional Photos of Avatar: Carlos Londono

Check out the band’s websites for more info!



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