Till The End Tour – Deftones and Rise Against Throw Down in Boston!

▣Blue Hills Pavilion | Boston, MA                                      ▣Friday, June 16th 2017

The downpouring rain in Boston wouldn’t stop the Deftones, Rise Against and Thrice fans from attending the concert at the Blue Hills Boston Pavilion last Friday night. And good thing, because the crowd would be treated to an amazing night of music.  

The heavy rain in Boston and surrounding areas made it very hard for most of us attending the concert at the Pavilion last Friday night. Heavy traffic and tons of accidents on the way turned my 1-hour ride into a 2 hour and fifty-two minute ride…yes, I timed it. It also, unfortunately, made me miss half of the lineup. After fighting through the crowds and getting drenched in the process, I finally made it to the pit area a few minutes before the co-opening act.


Despite the lousy weather, all of the bands were running on time. And right at 8:15 pm, Deftones would take the stage with an amazing welcoming from this drenched Boston crowd. Screams filled the venue as Chino Moreno (lead singer) greeted the crowd and opened their set with Headup. Moreno was all smiles from the start and it was contagious amongst the other members. They all seemed like they were having the time of their lives up on stage, and it showed in their performance. Sergio Vega (bass, back-up vocals) heavy bass moved the tent while his vocals cut right through the venue and complimented Chino’s. Together they sounded perfect. Stephen Carpenter (guitar) was mesmerizing to watch and listen to. A fan blew on his face while he played and made his hair stand straight up. It was majestic and captivating to watch as he showed his incredible skills. The guys in the back, Frank Delgado (Keyboard, turntables) and Abe Cunningham (drums), were also just as exciting to watch.


The Deftones went on to play 14 songs. The metal veterans would take us back with songs like My Own Summer, Lhabia and Be Quiet and Drive and holding our complete attention during Digital Bath, Phantom Bride and Change. Closing with Rocket Skates, the Deftones would go on to play one of the most memorable sets ever played at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. As they exited the stage, they thanked the crowd and waved as smiles filled their faces.


The stage was then set for punk rock veterans Rise Against, the closing band. When Tim McIlrath and the rest of the guys stepped onto the stage, they would embark on another tremendous set. Tim McIlrath would go to work with his amazing display of showmanship. He would take control of the stage from the start to finish. With his tongue hanging out like the great Michael Jordan,  McIlrath would be just as explosive on stage. Of course, there is no I in team, like they say, and to be great you have to have the right kind of musicians backing you up. And the ones behind him made it easier for the frontman to shine. To the right was Joe Principe (bass), to the left was Zach Blair (lead guitar/back vocals) and the man in the back was Brandon Barnes (drums), all sensational at catering to McIlrath.


This was my first time seeing the band, and although I was not quite familiar with all of their music, I have heard some of their hits like The Good Left Undone,  Help Is On The Way, Give It All and Prayer Of The Refugee. It was great seeing them play live, and every song sounded better than any version I’ve heard before. The group recently released their eighth studio album called Wolves, so they would also make time to entertain us with some of their new ones like The Violence, Welcome To The Breakdown, and the self-titled Wolves. But when McIlrath when on a solo of People Live Here, he played it with such passion, it would steal the show. For their encore, with a standing ovation from their Boston fans, the band closed their set with Make it Stop, and the fan favorite Savior. The band proved to some why they have been one of the most successful punk bands of our times

Despite the weather, everything went as planned. All sets were on time, the lighting was perfect, no technical issues, no leaks in the tent considering the massive storm hitting us. Music won tonight! Another magical night of music at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. And that’s all us fans could ever ask for…


Review & Photos: Carlos Londono

Note from the writer/photographer –

I  would like to formally apologize to Thrice and their representatives for not being able to make their set that night. I was really looking forward to seeing them perform again. The last time I saw them was in 2005 and the band has grown and changed so much since then. I really hope to get a chance to see them in the future.


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