Sold Out Night at the Brighton Music Hall, Boston…Avatar Country Tour is here! – 1/12/18

▣Brighton Music Hall | Allston, MA                               ▣Friday, January 12th 2017

Swedish metal band Avatar brought their first headlining tour, Avatar Country, to Boston last Friday night at the Brighton Music Hall. It was a sold out night, with The Brains opening and a spectacle of freaks- the Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow. It was an unforgettable and magical night for their Boston fans.


Avatar Country Tour was here! The band invited all citizens from Avatar Country to join them as they paid salute to their King, Jonas Jarlsby. It was an important night for the King, the rest of the band, and their fans. It was their first time headlining as a band, and the release of their 7th studio album, Avatar Country. A night packed with entertainment for a King and his people, kicking off with the Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow. Their set featured Ripley’s Believe or Not record holder, the half-man daredevil, Shorty E. Dangerously, the Illusionist Dan Sperr, their comic stunt performer Ryan Stock, and graciously hosted by their ringleader, The Govna Bryce Graves. Their fun and electrifying performance included some magic, acrobatic acts like sword swallowing and walking on glass by their half-man daredevil, Shorty E. Their acts entertained us and were a fantastic way to kick off the show.

THEBRAINS.JPGA band out of Montreal Canada, The Brains, would entertain us next. The Canadian trio consists of Phil the Beast (drums), Colin the Dead (bass, backup vocals), and Rene D La Muerte (vocals, guitar). Although the Canadian punk band put on a great set, I personally found them a little out of place with the show and would have rather seen something more in line with the night’s theme. But regardless, the band sounded great and they are worth seeing again at some point in the future.

By looking around, it was quite apparent who the crowd was there to see. The production was a little slow to start, but we were kept entertained by infomercials from Avatar Country, and they were incredibly funny. We patiently waited for the Avatar sign to light up, a sign that the show was about to begin. Instead, the lights got brighter as they brought out a large chair. A chair fit for a King. Shortly after, the song Glory To Our King started to play and Jonas ‘Kungen’ Jarlsby entered the stage to take his thrown. He waived to his people, the citizens of Avatar Country.  Joined by the rest of the band, Jarlsby started things off with Legend of the King, shredding on his guitar while sitting down in his chair. Johannes Eckerström looked to be in a great mood as usual and began his tongue lashing action followed by his theatrical and intense vocals. The commander Tim Öhrström (guitars, vocals) matched Jarlsby’s intensity, and behind them, Henrik Sandelin on bass and John Alfredsson (drums, vocals) provided the necessary power to sail the ship.


They took us on an amazing trip, with a lot of new material from their new album along with classic fan favorites. Some of my personal favorite moments included their intimate performance of Tower, Eckerström’s vocals were perfect. Their performance of the song was so moving, it gave me goosebumps. The live rendition of The Statue of the King was intense and was awesome to see live. It gave us that extra edge needed on the album version of the song. The crowd’s faces were all grinning during The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country, as bubbles came pouring from the stage. Eckerström’s contagious grin had caught on. Want to see these moments? Check out our video highlights below…

Avatar’s first headlining performance was simply amazing. Each member of the band is so talented and extremely entertaining to watch live. They are charismatic and their talents together work so well. From the drumming to the guitars, to the theatrics and the back vocals- is all so appealing. I could go on and on about these guys- their concerts are a must see. So, I leave you with a few words from my favorite writer, the late Hunter S. Thompson…’Buy the ticket, take the ride!’ I promise you won’t be disappointed. Horns up!


Review, photos & video: Carlos Londono


Check out the band’s website for more info!


The Brains

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