Slayer Final Tour at Bank of NH Pavilion – 7/26/18

▣Bank of NH Pavilion | Gilford, NH                               ▣Thursday, July 26th 2018

When one of metal’s legendary bands announce they’re calling it quits, but not before one last tour, metalheads around the world stop everything and buy tickets. Slayer’s start of their Final Tour would bring along Nepalm Death, Testament, Anthrax, and Lamb of God. It was a night packed with complete chaos!

It was a beautiful, sticky summer night in Gilford, NH. I unfortunately missed the opening band, Nepalm Death. I was bummed because I heard great things about the UK band. I hope to catch them at some point!


The band Testament was on stage next. It was my first time seeing them live, and I was excited for their set. Testament is another band that has been around for decades, and in my opinion, has reached thrash metal legendary status. They ripped from the start- song after song they rocked the crowd. They were badass! I was blown away by how good they were live, and by their amazing stage presence. Their backdrop was a viper snake, which was really freaking cool!

A15Thrash metal gods, Anthrax, were up next. Scotty Ian’s son kept peeping out and giving the crowd the horns.  Anthrax is one of those bands you have to see live. We’ve had the pleasure of covering them a few times now, and their sets are always really enjoyable to watch. If you have not seen these guys live, stop sleeping! They will not be around forever, hence Slayer. The guys from Anthrax kill it every time and never disappoint!

It has been roughly 11 years since I’ve photographed Lamb of God, so I knew what to expect. The guys are known for putting on energetic sets, led by singer Randy Blythe, who has fueled this band since joining in 1995. Fast paced, heavy loud riffs, combined with great vocals, makes this one of the most exciting acts to watch live and has been for the past decade. Although pretty much everyone has heard the name Lamb of God, I feel the band is underrated for how good they really are.


As the farewell was about to begin, it hit me that I was about to send off one of the most influential metal bands in the last four decades. Slayer has become a household name, and their concerts are a metalhead’s dream. It was my first time photographing them, and I had a feeling the night would be perfect. When the curtain came down, exposing the stage for the first time, the crowd’s energy went up a few notches.


The mosh was going hard all night, but it was definitely running harder once Slayer was on stage. Their set was intense! Killer backdrops, fire explosions, combined with some of the best lyrics and riffs in the business . I cannot say enough about their amazing performance! The music for this special occasion was handpicked, and of course the best. Click here to see their incredible setlist. Don’t forget to take a look at the photos- my god, they were amazing to photograph! It was an appropriate send off for the historic metal gods. From myself and everyone at the show in Gilford- farewell Slayer…we love you. \m/

Review & Photos: Carlos Londono

Check out the band’s websites for more info!


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