Jinjer with Special Guest at Fete Music Hall – 7/29/18

▣Fete Music Hall | Providence, RI                              ▣Sunday, July 29th 2017

So this is my first coverage of a show at the Fete Music Hall in Providence. As far as local venues go, I like the place. A buddy of mine runs lights and is constantly upgrading for better show experiences. There’s a lounge area and large stage area depending on the show and a ton of kickass bands come through. Look this place up. Worth the drive for us outside of RI.

Echoes of Purity opened up this show. I walked in during their last song so I missed out on pics and the set but what I heard was good and the crowd was digging it. Apparently, this was their first gig too! Self-explained like Chevelle and Mumford & Sons love child. Give them some Facebook love.

L (5)

LUSUS is fronted by my friend Samuel Bendix who does the gig dressed in full drag. A beautiful man AND woman, she’s got the voice and the screams. With makeup, masks, and costumes, this band is a joy to watch. Self-described as monster metal, I’d agree and say they’re a joy to listen to as well. Their official music video for Jet Black Pope is out now too. Find it on YouTube or linked from their Facebook!

A (6)Aversed hail from Boston, which anyone from the area knows probably means some random town from NH or Mass that we don’t want to try and explain. Fronted by local Renaissance woman Haydee Irizarry, these guys ripped. Several fucktons of metal flowed out of this band for the twenty five minutes we got. Playing at last year’s Chicago Open Air, these guys are going places. Check them out!

Bloodline Theory is a metal band from Taunton, Massachusetts (Not Boston.J) Sid Haig, a luchador, and a keyboard player were a part of this act! Keeping the groove coming, these guys got the crowd jumping. Find them on Facebook and check their tunes out!

Dead By Wednesday hail from Connecticut and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen them play. They played with Waylon Reavis’ A Killer’s Confession last spring. Rob, just getting out of the WWE, is a strong front man for more reasons than his 6’7” stature and 22” biceps. He’s got vocal power and knows how to work a crowd. The band has got groove and provides a tight backing for Rob to work with. Check these guys out!

Konipshin Phit came out from Cleveland to play this show. Friends of the headliner and Waylon, these guys played a solid set as direct support for Ukrainian metal gods, Jinjer. Working on new music with members of Vimic (Joey Jordison’s new thing), these guys should have some new stuff out soon!

J (19)

We did a big write up on Jinjer for their show with Cradle of Filth in April so we’ll keep this one succinct. If you do not know Jinjer, stop what you’re doing. Put down your breakfast burrito. Put your baby in their crib. Call out of work then go to iTunes and get Cloud Factory. These four Ukrainian musicians are on another level. Timing, tuning, sound. Nothing else like it. They’re on a small American run right now supporting their latest effort so if possible, get out to see them!

– Der Meister


Review & Photos: Anthony Coy


Check out the band’s websites for more info!


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