House of Blues Boston gets rocked by Nonpoint & Alter Bridge!

▣House of Blues, Boston, MA                                        ▣Tuesday, February 7th 2017

Alter Bridge brought their North American Last Hero tour to the House of Blues in Boston Tuesday night, February 7th, with opening acts Weapon of A New and Nonpoint.

A snow storm wouldn’t keep this Boston crowd from attending the Alter Bridge show on Tuesday night. As snow fell over Boston, at exactly 8pm the House of Blues crowd came alive when veterans Nonpoint hit the stage. They got a great welcome from the crowd and with a quick hello lead singer Elias Soriano started their set with Pins and Needles. Soriano screamed to the crowd ‘make some fucking noise!’ and they immediately obliged with screams. Nonpoint followed with What a Day, a fan favorite and hit from their second album Statement.

A small mosh pit formed, and a few crowd surfers decided to take a ride in the audience. The heavy pounding of the drums from drummer Rob Rivera shook the floor of the House of Blues. B.C. Kochmit and Rasheed Thomas were on guitar and back up vocals, bouncing as they shredded on their guitars. They were quite impressive. Adam Woloszyn was phenomenal at slapping the bass and he along with the rest of the band would continue to put on a very energetic set. On stage, the guys from Nonpoint looked like five caged animals that hadn’t been fed in days. If you were close enough, you were bound to get hit with dreads from their uncontrollable headbanging.

They would go on to play other favorites like Hands OffIn the Air Tonight and Alive and Kicking; sending the crowd into an uproar. But when they sang The Truth, the crowd really showed the band their appreciation by singing along. They closed their set with Bullet With a Name as the fists hit the air and voiced echoed throughout the venue. The charismatic Soriano would pump up this crowd one last time as they sang the chorus with him. Nonpoint sounded amazing and put on a very solid performance for their Boston fans.


The stage was now ready for Myles Kennedy and the guys from Alter Bridge. At approximately 9:15 pm, the guys walked into a very nice, warm welcome from the crowd. With a smile and a quick wave, Kennedy would start their set with Writing On The Wall off their new album The Last Hero. They followed with Come to Life and Farther From The Sun; as screams filled the air. Kennedy was all smiles as he looked around the packed theater.


Mark Tremonti on the right was sensational. Co-founder and key component of this group, Tremonti is not only an amazing guitar player but he also provides the back up vocals. Scott Phillips on drums was explosive even though he wasn’t feeling very well tonight. Despite his illness, he didn’t miss a beat. Brian Marshall was on bass on the left. He is another exceptional player and the second co-founding member of the group. The combination of Marshall, Tremonti and Mylesa, was powerful yet soulful as they stood next to each other and jammed on their guitars.

The next three songs includes Addicted to Pain and White Knuckles, before slowing things a bit with Ghost of Day Gone By. The clapping from the crowd got louder as they continued to Cry of Achiles. Kennedy then congratulated the New England Patriots for their Super Bowl victory, fueling loud cheers from the Boston crowd. He would dedicated the next song My Champion to New England.


They would continue with Ties That Bind and Crows on a Wire, before Tremonti’s powerful voice would take lead mic for Waters Rising. Then, the crowd was serenaded by Kennedy with an acoustic performance of Watch Over You. A fan favorite, lyrically and musically, the beautiful ballad had everyone swooning. Kennedy sings and plays it with so much passion, everyone in the crowd felt connected.

They kept rocking their fans with IsolateBlackbird, and Open Your Eyes. Cheers and whistles filled the room as Kennedy and Tremonti said their thank yous and closed their set with Metalingus.


They would exit and return for their encore Show Me A Leader,  while Kennedy displayed his skills on the guitar. The guys were all smiles and were having fun while fans cheered, leading into a guitar dual between Kennedy and Tremonti. Man, these guys can play!. They are masters of their craft and displayed it here tonight. The band finally closed their set with Rise Today, while whistles and screams filled the venue once again. At the end, the guys gathered in the middle of the stage and bowed to their standing ovation. They passed the set list, gave picks and thanked their fans. It had been an incredible night here tonight.

We watched two different bands with very distinct, different styles. Elias Soriano and the guys from Nonpoint are so good live. They are full of energy and a blast to watch, we can’t wait to see them again! The way Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti played their instruments, they can easily be described as rock gods. Alter Bridge put on an amazing performance. It was moving to see how humble and nice these guys were, and their appreciation of their fans. And as a fan, what more could you ask for? So do not miss…I repeat…do not miss the guys from Nonpoint & Alter Bridge! They are sure to make a fan out of you.

Review & Photos: Carlos Londono

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