Greta Van Fleet at Great Scott Allston – 8/21/17

▣Great Scott | Allston, MA                                   ▣Monday, August 21st 2017

Young, new rock sensation, Greta Van Fleet, played in front of a sold-out crowd at the Great Scott in Allston, Massachusetts. They delivered a spectacular performance that exceeded their new fans expectations.

A crowd gathered at Great Scott, a small bar in a tiny Boston neighborhood, to see an amazing young band out of Michigan, in support of their new EP, Black Smoke Rising. The band is currently making waves for their edgy rock & roll sound. I arrived when The Glorious Sons were already into their set. They sounded pretty good, so I quickly got my equipment ready and rushed to the stage to get a closer look. Only a few songs in, and the crowd seem enthralled with their music. There was a charm and alluring energy to their sound. Bret Emmons (singer, keyboard, harmonica) danced around on stage barefoot as he performed and the band seemed to have a close bond with each other. Each one of them bringing their own talents, for a sensational show. This was the first time hearing them, but it definitely would not be the last.

The stage was now being set for the band the crowd came to see. The chanting and clapping began early and erupted when the band walked on stage. They were greeted with a proper Boston welcome. They were all smiles, but wasted no time and immediately began to play. And they continued to play for the next hour and forty-five minutes, keeping us captivated the whole time.

GVF19Joshua “Josh” Kiszka’s (lead singer) voice echoed, carrying through and shaking the small venue. Josh, one of the three brothers that formed Greta Van Fleet, was phenomenal. He definitely had the chops and delivered long notes with ease. The charismatic frontman shined up on stage, but this wasn’t a one-man operation, as they are all so talented. Jake Kiszka (guitar) was to the left, an amazingly strong guitar player with a soulful performance. His guitar playing was truly electrifying and had us all envious when he played the guitar behind his head. Sam Kiszka (bass) was on left and Danny Wagner (drums) in the back, both a perfect force, tying it all together to make a perfect harmony. They would close their set with Highway Tune and Safari Song, songs from their current EP release. The band thanked their new Boston fans and walked off stage, but after that performance, the crowd wanted more. The chanting got louder and louder, and the band came out for two more songs- closing with a bluesy rendition of That’s All Right, the Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup cover, while Jake played with his slide on the guitar. It was the perfect way to end the night. After the show ended, the guys took the time to take pictures and sign autographs. Walking out, I overheard someone say, ‘They are going to be huge!’ – I couldn’t agree more.


Review & Photos: Carlos Londono

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