Earthless – The Sinclair – 3/17/18

▣The Sinclair | Cambridge, MA                                  ▣Saturday, March 17th 2018

Californian psychedelic rock trio Earthless, made a stop in Boston on St. Patricks Day to celebrated the holiday with their new England fans. It was a night packed of music in Boston, and we were there to exclusively cover their set. Earthless recently got signed by a new record label, Nuclear Blast Records USA, hit the road in support of their new album Black Heaven, released just a day before their performance here in Boston.


The rock trio consisting of guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, bassist Mike Eginton and drummer Mario Rubalcaba, formed in 2001 in San Diego, California. The band who only played Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath covers at first, would eventually release their first album Sonic Prayers in April of 2005. The album did very well, and would get their first taste of starten when it won Best Hard Rock Album award at the San Diego Music Awards in 2007. Although Mitchell does provides vocals occasionally, the trio considers themselves most influenced by krautrock, and plays songs that are mostly instrumental.


Tonight in Boston would be no different, the guys were here to show off their talents. Their heavy psychedelic sound was a perfect union, as all three walled on their instruments. Eginton’s bass playing was rich in sound, deep and heavy. Rubalcaba drumming was intense. He provide the right kind of speed to make it all work, and kept the guys in sink. Mitchell was a beast on the guitar. He made his instrument cry with every chord and riff he played. The guy was just so mesmerizing to watch, and if you closed your eyes, his playing could easily transport you to a different place, or time. Their sound could easily be identify in every decade from the sixties on, and is still relevant today. Earthless presentation was also very unique. They had a few guys taking care of their lighting show, one that I personally have not seen before. They used water colors that were mixed as they played and got projected onto the stage, blinding them with psychedelic colors. I wonder, how can they keep this on through their entire set?! It was quite and spectacle, and one that I found fascinating. Check out some of the video highlights.

If you are a fan of psychedelic rock, also know as acid rock, or instrumental rock; you do not want to miss an Earthless live show. Their sound and presence is like none that I have ever witness. All provide the right kind of magic to make it all work together perfectly. And to me personally, they are definitely worth the trip.


Review, Video & Photos: Carlos Londono


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