Dead Cross at Royale Boston – 9/11/17

▣Royale | Boston, MA                                   ▣Monday, September 11th 2017

New hardcore supergroup, Dead Cross, invaded Boston at the Royale in support of their first release. They put on a killer performance in front of their new fans in Boston and left us wanting more!

A warm September night drew a large crowd to the Royale Boston, for a night of debauchery and music exploration. The main act was a new supergroup out of Los Angeles called Dead Cross, bringing the much anticipated return of Mike Patton on vocals. The venue filled up quickly as everyone waited for the music to begin. The Secret Chiefs 3 would take the stage first. The instrumental band from California had a very unique sound and style. The band did a decent job of keeping the crowd entertained. But, if you are like me, I can only do instrumental for so long before I need vocals in the mix. So, although they sounded great, I was anxious for the Dead Cross set to begin.


Just shortly after 9 pm, the lights went out and the guys from Dead Cross walked on stage. Screams filled the venue, and their much anticipated set began. Without wasting any time, Patton embarked on one of the most intense shows ever. Patton, known for experimenting with his vocal range, brought a voice machine that would change his tone, and when he manipulated it with his hands it sounded like he was scratching on a turntable. Mike Crain’s (guitar) raw guitar playing was outstanding, and he effortlessly kept up with Patton’s intense performance. Justin Pearson (bassist) was exceptional, his heavy hands on the bass would perfectly compliment Dave Lombardo’s (drummer) drumming as they made the venue rumble. All of them are so successful with their own projects, but are really something magical when they perform together.


All eyes, of course, were glued to Patton who kept this crowd mesmerized with his stage presence. Whether spinning his microphone around or having it wrapped around his neck, he was quite the spectacle. The guy is a beast on stage, he would truly btransformed into something else during Dead Cross’ performance. Patton’s vocal range is on another level and it was amazing to see him perform. Dead Cross put on a killer performance for their new fans in Boston and left many of us excited to see more. I personally cannot wait to see them again.


Review & photos: Carlos Londono


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