Cradle of Filth at Paradise Rock Club – 4/1/19

▣Paradise Rock Club | Boston, MA                             ▣Monday, April 1st 2019

Greetings people! We had the pleasure of invading the Paradise rock club last night for the second time in as many months and I can’t say enough good about it. The sound and stage are great, the staff is friendly as hell, and the drinks are strong. Only thing I don’t dig about it is no parking but, welcome to Boston! Get to a show here asap.

RB (2)

Raven Black hails from LA and opened up the show. We wrote about these guys when they opened for Devil Driver at Wally’s last year. Dig back for bio info! I caught the end of the set because my Uber driver liked to sit at green lights instead of driving, but I did see their new single, Carnival. The song rips and you can get it on music platforms and should totally do so. They’re a big group of sweethearts and deserve all the success they’re seeing. They’re working hard as hell at it.

W13 (29)

Wednesday 13 rolled out next and I’ll be straight, I wasn’t expecting too much. I can pleasantly report though it was a damn good show. The music was groovy metal (which I dig) and the stage show was decent for such a small stage. He is very charismatic and fun to watch. You may know him from the Murderdolls which featured Joey Jordison on guitar and was a big deal back in the day. My interest (or initial lack thereof) in them was based on that project which wasn’t really groundbreaking to me, but it seems like he’s headed in the right direction with this solo gig. I liked it a lot. Check them out!

We also covered Cradle previously so for background info, scroll back through! Cradle of Filth. Damn do I love them. The six musicians from different corners of the world were in fine form last night and I loved the show. I’ve never seen them perform a show I didn’t like but it sounded really good.


Marthus is an absolute animal on the kit. How the dude plays these songs night after night for over an hour blows my mind. Flawless execution. I actually got some shots of him last night too which is nearly impossible so I’m dying to get to editing!


The only word I can think of to describe Lindsay is elegant. It seems like such an odd word for a singer and key player in a black metal band, but it fits. She killed it as always and I also got some amazing photos of her.


The string section is arguably one of the tightest Dani’s ever had. Ashok is an absolute beast of a man and he shreds like a banshee. Richard defies gravity and logic with his whirlwind spins. I’d fall over or fuck up, but he manages to do neither. Daniel holds down that low end with his Darkglass spiced tone and I loved that they played “Her Ghost in the Fog” because there’s a sick bassline in the break which he killed. I’ve got some great shots of all three head banging to the bridge section in that song. I know I keep saying it but keep an eye out for these pics, really!


Dani, the man of the hour. The only original member still in the band. His storytelling and vocal style is relentless and still holds up 20+ years later. The entire set was flawless, and I was just as excited to see it less than a year after my last Cradle show. It’s fun to watch and sounds great live plus each of these musicians is gracious. Very real, down to earth people who are living their dream and making music for a living.

I’m having PC issues so the pictures will be a bit delayed but keep an eye out! Last time I promise, but seriously. Good stuff.  Peace and blessings.

Der Meister


Review & Photos: Anthony Coy


Check out the band’s websites for more info!

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