Amazing performance by the Pixies on sold out opening night!

▣House of Blues | Boston, MA                                ▣Friday, May 19th 2017

The Pixies just finished the first leg of their North American tour. Before heading to Europe, they played three nights of shows for their hometown fans in Boston, MA. The Pixies did not disappoint, it was an amazing sold out show on opening night.

It was a hot night in Boston, with a much-needed heat wave rolling in. A sold out night at the House of Blues, the Pixies would play the first of three shows with Cymbals Eat Guitars as an opener. A few minutes before 8 pm they would take the stage in front of a packed, mellow and calmer crowd. The band Cymbals Eat Guitars consists of Joseph D’Agostino (guitar, lead vocals), Brian Hamilton (keyboard, backup vocals), Matt Whipple (bass, backup vocals), and Andrew Dole (drums). D’Agostino’s raspy raw voice filled the venue nicely. The guys on backup vocals added a nice tone to the performance. Although the Cymbals Eat Guitars are considered an Indie band, the band has a flare of punk rock and psychedelic music. Going from edgy to more trippy at times. All in all, it was a nice opener to prepare the crowd for the show to come.


The stage was beautifully set, as the drum kit that read ‘Pixies’ sat on a small platform in the back. The lights went out just before 9 pm to a crowd full of anticipation. The Pixies were welcomed warmly to the stage. The first to make it on stage was David Lovering (drums, back vocals), he waved to the crowd before sitting down. Everyone else followed and they wouldn’t take long to begin the night, opening with Gauge Away – a song from their 1989 release, the Doolittle album. They followed with River Euphrates and Cactus, as the crowd would start to sway to the music.


All eyes from the audience were glued to Black Francis as he belted song after song. The Pixies played fan favorites, one after another. Paz Lenchantin (bass, Doolitlevocals) was mesmerizing. Her hums and enchanting voice carried through the room and sent the crowd into a meditative state. I thought she especially shined during All I think About Now. Joey Santiago (lead guitar), put on quite an amazing show. His angular and bent style of playing was impressive to watch. His playing sounds psychedelic, yet alternative, and is awesome to watch live.


The Pixies would go on to play an additional 28 songs during their opening night in Boston. Their line up of songs included the Neil Young cover of Winterlong. They also played a great selection of their other favorites, including songs like Wave of Manipulation, Monkey Gone to Heaven, Here Comes Your Man, U-Mas, Velouria, Head Carrier, Debaser and of course Where Is My Mind…just to name a few.

Check out a clip from that performance…

To close their set they chose the song Hey, another song off of their Doolittle album. The Pixies received a standing ovation from the seated crowd as the show ended. They stopped for a brief moment, only to come back on stage and start their encore with the fast-paced Vamos, as the audience danced away. They played their final song Into the White, as Lenchantin mesmerized us for the last time. What a great performance by the Pixies! It was a perfect ending to a perfect night and one that I personally can’t wait to repeat again. I hope to see you next year at the Pixies show!


Review & Photos: Carlos Londono

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Cymbals Eat Guitars

Cymbals Eat Guitars



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