2018 Grammy Awards: Our Top 3 Music Performances!

This year the Grammy Awards would again go on with a hitch, and the stage was shared with some memorable performances. Here are our top 3 music performances!

Kendrick Lamar opened at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, joined by U2, with special appearances from Dave Chapelle. Lamar would treat us with special renditions of XXX, DNA, New Freezer, and King’s Dead, and would kick things off with an electrifying performance.

U2 performed Get Out Of Your Own Way from their new album Songs of Experience. Their performance of the song was beautifully staged outside, overlooking the statue of liberty. It was incredibly moving, and overall a stellar performance.

Although it wasn’t aired on national television, Ice-T with his group, Grammy Award-nominated Body Count, performed Black Hoodie – The song was nominated for Best Metal Performance. Their performance was on fire!

Do you guys agree with us? Tell us what you think! What were your favorites and your NOT so favorites? Use the hashtag #RockstarCulture

Watch the entire Grammy Awards here.

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