2018 Billboard Music Awards: Our Top 3 Music Performances!

Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards was a night where men took most of the awards, and although it seemed like everyone was there to see BTO perform, it was the female performances that really stole the night!

Starting things off, host of the night Kelly Clarkson, set the stage with a medley that paid tribute to the best songs of 2018 including, Kendrick Lamar’s, Humble, Marin Morris, My Church, and Ed Sharin’s, The Shape of You. Check out her performance!

The first performance of the night was Ariana Grande, who performed No Tears Left to Cry, which was inspired by the tragedy at the Manchester Arena in London during her concert. She displayed her strength and sensitivity as she serenaded us with her stunning voice and shined like a ray of sunshine up on stage. Check out her amazing performance below.

Jennifer Lopez, kept things moving with her performance of her new single, making this the official performance of the song  Dinero featuring DJ Khaled, Cardi B. At first we didn’t know how to feel about the song, but by the end she had us bouncing and singing along…Yo Quiero, Yo Quiero Dinero! Check out the hot performance!

And the lengend, Janet Jackson, who was there to accept the lifetime achievement award for her iconic career that extends over 25 years. Jackson has sold over 160 million records worldwide, and is considered to be one of the best and an inspiration to many artists. Janet performed a medley of hits that included Nasty, If & Throb, leaving us all breathless. Check out her iconic performance and speech!

Do you guys agree with us? Tell us what you think! Who were your favorites and your not so favorites? Use the hashtag #RockstarCulture

Watch the entire Billboard Awards here.



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