These Days – New Video by Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect has released their newest video for the song, “These Days” off their third studio album, MCID (My Crew Is Dope). The video was directed by Rock & Egg and produced by Tim Reis, with the collaboration from their record label 300 Entertainment and Tony Cavalero.

The video features the dysfunctional family, “The Higgins”, starring actor Tony Cavalero (Dirt, The Righteous Gemstones, School of Rock), and takes place during a Thanksgiving dinner as the family partakes in an all-out food war, that ends in murder. The video also addresses drug abuse and crossdressing. The beginning of the video shows the family arguing, the father Robert James Higgins Jr is screaming at daughter-in-law Maggie Elizabeth Higgins-Baria “This is my normal” – in which she replies to him, “Your normal smells like ass!”.

Although the video is a bit out of the norm, the song resonates with the current times we are all facing around the world, as we find ourselves fighting this pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. This is what the star of the video Cavalero and lead singer Johnny Stevens had to say about the video, and the hard times facing all of us right now.

Tony Cavalero said:My character represents the point of view of the ‘everyman,’ in a situation that represents a much bigger picture. I love the juxtaposition between what is presented and what’s really happening behind the scenes. It’s that kind of hypocrisy that we’re really struggling within society right now and a topic that really plays out in The Righteous Gemstones as well.

Johhny Stevens said:We are (Highly Suspect) and for as long as I can remember, difficult to really collaborate with, not because I’m a snob but maybe more so out of fear… that somehow all of the hard work I put in will get bent into a shape I don’t find aesthetically pleasing. When you find someone with as much passion as you, sometimes it’s worth giving it a shot. This time that man was Tony Cavalero. It’s a shiny little distraction from how much these days really suck.


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