The Summer Slaughter Tour 2018 at Worcester Palladium – 7/21/18

▣Palladium | Worcester, MA                                  ▣Saturday, July 21st 2018

I’ll skip the shameless plug for the Palladium in Worcester because it goes without saying: If you’re local, get there if you’ve never been. Friendly staff, cheap beer, and a great stage. Some of the best bands roll through there. Looking forward to Avatar and Trivium in October. Hope to see you all there! So anyway, Summer Slaughter rolled through the Ol’ Palladium last Saturday and here’s my thoughts on it. Foreword, my photo pass did not come in time to catch any of the side stage local bands but look up a roster and check them out!

Self-described groove/thrash metal band Deathamphetamine opened the main stage. Based out of NH, these kids had a lot of energy. I liked what they brought to the table. You can find them on Bandcamp and Facebook.

Prometheus from Ohio rolled out next. They had a mad Cradle of Filth vibe with the boots and hoods. The music was dark and full of keyboard tracks which is to my liking but I feel like they miss the opportunity for vocal melody in the writing process. Find these guys on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Entheos from California graced the stage next. Was not expecting this. A buddy had texted me earlier in the day and told me to check them out so I knew something good was coming. The bassist (which was a fill in) and drummer opened the set with a tight groove. Chaney runs out and blows me away with some brutal gutturals. She shot to the public forum when her YouTube video tryout for Veil of Maya went viral. These guys rip. You can find their EP and albums on all major platforms and I suggest you do.

I only know Terror Universal because Dave Chavarri drums in it. I’d never actually listened to them until today and wasn’t disappointed. The grooves were present and the well tested screams and melody mix were also used to create a great set. The masks were incredibly detailed (see pics!) and it was a nice breakup from the monotony of band tees and jeans. Their music is on all major platforms.

Colorado extreme metal Allegaeon played next. These guys were heavy as fuck. The crowd was into it as referenced by the circle pit and I found it hard to fight the headbanging which makes photos tough to take but I got some good ones. Find their tunes on all major platforms.

An Oklahoma band with a lot of history graced the stage next. TheAgonyScene has been a thing since 2000 and is apparently a big deal in the scene. A friend of mine drove from New York to see them play this show. They had some banging moments for sure but I personally thought the songwriting was a little hectic. All major platforms house these guys’ tunes!

A band I’d never heard of, Erra, strolled out to a very ambient track with some clean vocals and guitar. This was what made this band stand out. 2 singers, 1 scream, 1 sing, and the heaviness was littered with these clean passages. These guys are with Sumerian records and have a new album coming out in August. Check it out!

In my quest to expand my metal core knowledge, I downloaded quite a few bands I’d never actually listened to. Veil of Maya being one of them. First thing I dig, the sound guy played “chop suey” by System and the entire crowd sang along. I could see the band standing by waiting to come out, but they held off until the song finished to start the intro. (Follow me on Instagram to see the video! ‘ilium_foto’). The crowd went wild as the first song began. The band did have a ton of energy and the hot pink Kiesel guitar and the 7 string bass certainly stood out among the rest. I enjoyed the show but as I personally found listening to their music, it doesn’t blow me away. Find all of their music on all platforms and let us know what you think!

These next guys were the one band I was really excited to see. On my above mentioned quest, I found Born of Osiris and fell in love with their sound right away. It’s heavy, its melodic, its Djent, and they’ve got a good take on the sing/scream ratio. The energy these guys put off is contagious. Ronnie and Joe complement each other very well and Joe uses Mainstage 3 to run the keys, which is a program I have and use. Seeing it in action live fills me with joy and gives me hope. Reportedly, a new album is in the works. The band did play their new single at this show (it rips, go listen now) and a good mix of older stuff. Definitely check these guys out.

The headliner, Between the Buried and Me, had a very off-time, ethereal sound. I’d never heard of them or heard their music but what I saw followed this pattern. The crowd dug it and it wasn’t country but I wasn’t a huge fan personally. The guys threw a good set though, check em out!

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Live long, and prosper.

Review & Photos: Anthony Coy


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