The Outlaws ‘Til The End Tour at Wally’s Pub – 11/3/18

▣Wally’s | Hampton, NH                                         ▣Saturday, November 3rd 2018

Wally’s in Hampton is as legit a music venue as it is a biker bar. Never seen a bad show there. Beautiful bartenders, great sound, great stage, and KILLER fried pickles. Located in Hampton Beach, Wally’s is a quick hop, skip, or jump from most areas of New England. Be gracious to the fine people who run and maintain the joint and get your ass there asap for a show.

Opening this fine night was local band They Look Human. Locals will want to check them out as Roadkill from the Morning Buzz is the drummer. NASTY bass player in this lineup too. I dug the set a lot. Find them on Facebook and Instagram and show some love.

Raven Black from LA graced us next. They have a schtick going that not many can pull off, but it worked for them. Raven, a tiny girl completely gothed out but in a cute way, sings and screams while swapping props during songs. Black lights adorned the stage which played with a lot of her props as well as the clothing of the band and Luen’s bass strings. Very cool all around. Already grabbed their catalog and suggest you do too!

Jinjer. If you’ve heard me say it a million times, expect to hear it a million more. Do not confuse this band with a multitude of other bands who put a cute girl upfront to gain popularity. Tatiana has a crazy amount of control with her singing and her screams. Hard pressed to find 4 musicians who are as good at their crafts as these four are. I caught with bass player Eugene after the set to ask about the new EP “Micro.” He can’t say when exactly, but he tells me that it will be out soon, “This season.” They did play 3 new songs off the EP, including “Ape” which is now available on all platforms. Video is on YouTube. These guys deserve your love. Hands down one of my favorites.


Devil Driver was the headliner, and Coal Chamber nostalgia aside, I wasn’t blown away. The look and feel are very important to a show and I was just expecting more? Dez is high energy and charismatic but it wasn’t enough to save the whole set. I’ll need to eventually check out the tunes but nothing I saw or heard gives me the immediate want to do so. Now don’t get me wrong, the sound was tight and professional, just less show than I hoped for.

As always, all thoughts represented herein are mine and should not 100% sway you to or away from something! You’ll find all music on iTunes so please listen and let us know what you think about it all. Alternatively, bug They Look Human for tunes so we can listen to them too!

— Der Meister

Review & Photos: Anthony Coy


Check out the band’s websites for more info!

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