The Outlaws ‘Til The End Tour at Wally’s Pub – 11/3/18

▣Wally’s | Hampton, NH                                         ▣Saturday, November 3rd 2018

Wally’s in Hampton is as legit a music venue as it is a biker bar. Never seen a bad show there. Beautiful bartenders, great sound, great stage, and KILLER fried pickles. Located in Hampton Beach, Wally’s is a quick hop, skip, or jump from most areas of New England. Be gracious to the fine people who run and maintain the joint and get your ass there asap for a show.

Opening this fine night was local band They Look Human. Locals will want to check them out as Roadkill from the Morning Buzz is the drummer. NASTY bass player in this lineup too. I dug the set a lot. Find them on Facebook and Instagram and show some love.

Raven Black from LA graced us next. They have a schtick going that not many can pull off, but it worked for them. Raven, a tiny girl completely gothed out but in a cute way, sings and screams while swapping props during songs. Black lights adorned the stage which played with a lot of her props as well as the clothing of the band and Luen’s bass strings. Very cool all around. Already grabbed their catalog and suggest you do too!

Jinjer. If you’ve heard me say it a million times, expect to hear it a million more. Do not confuse this band with a multitude of other bands who put a cute girl upfront to gain popularity. Tatiana has a crazy amount of control with her singing and her screams. Hard pressed to find 4 musicians who are as good at their crafts as these four are. I caught with bass player Eugene after the set to ask about the new EP “Micro.” He can’t say when exactly, but he tells me that it will be out soon, “This season.” They did play 3 new songs off the EP, including “Ape” which is now available on all platforms. Video is on YouTube. These guys deserve your love. Hands down one of my favorites.


Devil Driver was the headliner, and Coal Chamber nostalgia aside, I wasn’t blown away. The look and feel are very important to a show and I was just expecting more? Dez is high energy and charismatic but it wasn’t enough to save the whole set. I’ll need to eventually check out the tunes but nothing I saw or heard gives me the immediate want to do so. Now don’t get me wrong, the sound was tight and professional, just less show than I hoped for.

As always, all thoughts represented herein are mine and should not 100% sway you to or away from something! You’ll find all music on iTunes so please listen and let us know what you think about it all. Alternatively, bug They Look Human for tunes so we can listen to them too!

— Der Meister

Review & Photos: Anthony Coy


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Devil Driver


Raven Black

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Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, & Toothgrinder at Hampton Beach Casino – 5/12/18

▣Hampton Beach Casino | Hampton, NH                            ▣Friday, May 12th 2018

Sold out shows mean three things. One, a good turnout for the band. Playing in front of a horde of amped fans is a feeling like no other. Two, the energy of a sold out crowd as a fan is an electrifying thing to experience. Three, the lines to get a drink suck. Thankfully, Matt “Kiichi” Heafy live streams their set from side stage on his Twitch (kiichichaosreigns) so I was able to watch once I got kicked out of the photo pit and needed a whiskey and ginger. The Bullet for my Valentine and Trivium show at Hampton Beach on Friday, May 11th was a sold out house (if you hadn’t guessed by now) and an amazing time from start to finish. Come along on this journey of discovery with me.

TG (8)

Toothgrinder opened the show with a hell of a set. From New Jersey, this quintet brings a lot of energy to the table both in stage presence and music. All were dressed to the nines sans the drummer Willis who looked like a feral lion wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. His energy matched his look though and really brought the live sound directly to your face. Vocalist Justin was seen standing on both the people in the front row (They were holding him up of course) and on top of a full amp stack (Pictures below). Partnered with Spinefarm Records, Toothgrinder is making a name for themselves with 3 Eps and 2 studio albums available on your favorite music service. You can see them on YouTube in one of their 7 music videos, on Instagram, or on tour in a city near you. Get on it. Will not be sorry.


Trivium graced the stage next. Already having screamed I love you at Matt and Alex earlier in the day from a balcony, drink in hand, I was ready for this. Opening with ‘The Sin and the Sentence’, Alex hit the fucking machine gun button on feet and blast beat the crowd into nearly an hour of melodic bliss. Unbeknownst to most music in this genre, Trivium has figured out how to be metal as hell while maintaining listenability to a non-metal fan. Matt sings and screams well, Corey screams back up, and Paolo backs up cleans. During certain passages, all three will be going at it and it’s a thing of beauty. All I can say is if you’ve never heard of Trivium, your ear drums are missing something vital. Big thanks to Jose Mangin and Octane for bringing this band into my life. You’ll be hard pressed to find something similar. Not many bands make music of this caliber.

BFVM (16)The name, Bullet for my Valentine, rings a bell and I could think of a song or two before the show but I’ll admit I put it to shoot the show for Trivium. After seeing these guys play though, I’ve since updated my selection of their tunes in my Apple Music. Tight riffs, good energy, and a sold-out crowd made the show very enjoyable. They describe themselves as hard rock with metal influences and I’d agree. Metal fans would enjoy the music as much as fans of lighter music. They’ve got some memorable riffs and choruses that warrant a listen from fans of metal. Give em a listen if you’ve never!



Review & Photos: Anthony Coy


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Bullet For My Valentine
















Kings & Queens Tour 2018 at Wally’s Pub – 5/8/18

▣Wally’s | Hampton, NH                                         ▣Tuesday, May 8th 2018

Let me start this review with the shameless plug for the club it took place at. Wally’s pub is on my list of must stop venues when I’m in Hampton Beach. Clean, open concept bar, beautiful and attentive bar staff, and the best damn fried pickles I’ve ever had. Also, the club surprisingly has one of the best mid-size stages in the immediate area. Light and audio set up is great and the event staff has always been cordial (Let’s be honest, we’ve all been to a show where the bouncers were dicks.) Basically, next time you’re on the Hampton strip, stop in and check it out.

SC-2Canadian 4-piece Sumo Cyco blasted open the show. Energy and diversity are the first two things that come to mind reminiscing about their performance. Not a single instrument stood out over another but together, they self-describe their sound as Dancehall, fyyah! Punk, hey ho! Rock. I immediately got a Hed-PE vibe but the more I listened, the more I felt Skindred and rightly so, they’ve featured Benji Webbe on a track. Reggae rock for days and it worked. The crowd loved it. I loved it. They really sold it. They appear to be completely self-produced which has resulted in 2 albums, 16 singles, and 17 official music videos. Definitely, check these guys out.

Butcher Babies graced the stage next. Described as “The hottest band in the world” by journalist Keith Valcourt, they are comprised of dual frontwomen Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, guitarist Henry Flury, bassist Jason Klein, and drummer Chase Brickenden. The frontwomen are full of energy and have a great presence but besides the occasional pop up by Henry, the rest of the band really gets side staged. I would have loved to see more of the other members but the crowd loved it regardless and the show sounded great. I caught them once before at the first ever Chicago Open Air and they worked the crowd here as well as they did for the thousands in that parking lot 2 summers ago which is the mark of a true performer. Each show is as important the last and the next. Don’t miss your chance to get in front of these badass ladies.


Nonpoint entered to a simple backlit stage. First thing I noticed was the drum kit set up facing sideways. Second thing I noticed was the same amount of dreads as Korn. Third was the hard-hitting opening song “Bullet with a name” to which the crowd responded violently to. NU Metal is still alive folks and it brings me so much joy to see these venues packed for bands like this. Arguably some of the best metal to exist, bands like Nonpoint are keeping NU metal relevant. Their sound was tight and singer Elias worked the crowd like a pro. These guys have more than a handful of dates left on this run so be sure to get to your local venue.


In closing, get to Wally’s ASAP, Check out Sumo Cyco at your earliest convenience (literally stop what you’re doing and download some tunes), Throw some love to Butcher Babies (Very deserving), and help keep NU metal going by getting your ass out to see Nonpoint on this tour.

Peace and blessings.


Review & Photos: Anthony Coy


Check out the band’s websites for more info!

Butcher Babies


Sumo Cyco



Sumo Cyco








Butcher Babies