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Red Hot Chili Peppers | Warner Bros 6/16 Score: 10/10

 By Carlos Londono

Is been almost 5 years since their last album. Released on June 17th, The Getaway makes the 11th album for the veterans who started their career in the 1980’s in Los Angeles California. And although they are no strangers to experimenting musically, it feels like they stepped out of their comfort zone more than usual for this record. With a new producer, some help with additional vocals and a collaboration with Sir Elton John on piano for Sick Love (a funky little diddy about heartache and moving on) shows how much the guys from the Red Hot Chili Peppers are still willing to learn and grow with the times.

The band asked Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse to produce the album instead of using Rick Ruben, who had been their producer for the past few decades. Although they knew of Brian, they had never worked with him before. Danger Mouse is no stranger to success and has worked with artists like the Black Keys, CLo Green, Beck, just to name a few. He was clearly the man for the job. They put trust in their new-found relationship and I think it paid off in a big way.


“A familiar sound fills my ears as the build-up from Chad’s drums get louder, flea embraces his heavy bass, funk-rock-future all collide, a combination of sweet harmonies from Josh’s guitar and Anthony’s undeniable vocals, reminded me how much I love the red hot chili peppers”                                       Dark Necessities

This was my first thought when I first listened to Dark Necessitiesthe bands first single released on May 5th. Although the Peppers didn’t agree with it being their first single, it was Brian and Nigel Goodwrich from Radiohead who mixed the record and truly pushed for it to be their first song release. They both were in love with the piece. Since it’s release the song has become another hit for the band out of LA and is already one of their top ten singles on the Billboard charts.

The Getaway, although at times feels slower than most Red Hot Chili Peppers albums, is very instrumental and carries a lot of different layers of music. The Peppers still have their moments of fun and just ‘rocking out with their cocks out’ like in We Turn Red, Detroit, and This Ticonderoga .

Flea (The ‘Coon) keeps revolutionizing the sound of music with his bass and is still so inspirational to listen to. Chad, The Bear of the group never misses a beat, still explosive as ever and always right on time. Josh’s (The Girl) guitar self-expressions and voice could be heard a lot more than on their previous release I’m with you; it was bold and refreshing. It was good to hear his influence on the album and see him establish himself as a more firm figure of the group. Anthony, their pack leader (The Crow) shined bright and high again, with some of the best lyrics heard on a Red Hot Chili Peppers album.

The Peppers always set out to make art, musically and lyrically; and I think they have done just that. For me, there is a lot of parts of the album that I really enjoyed and fell in love with. Songs like Encore, send me on a ride with no expectations and I love the embrace. Anthony was recently quoted saying, “I have never felt as closed to these guys as I felt playing that song in the studio“. That explains a lot about the love and respect the guys have for each other, and it shows through the music that they are still able to produce.

Goodbye Angels, Dreams of Samurai and The Hunter, touch me in a more personal way. While songs like The Getaway, one of my favorites from the record, Dark Necessities and Go Robot, sent my body into a dancing frenzy. The Getaway is a pretty solid album and has quickly become one of my favorites. And, although lyrically it is dark at times, it is a feel-good album with a California sound that I have grown to love. I am sure it is going to keep me bumping for months to come.


Track Listing:
01. The Getaway
02. Dark Necessities
03. We Turn Red
04. The Longest Wave
05. Goodbye Angels
06. Sick Love
07. Go Robot
08. Feasting on the Flowers
09. Detroit
10. This Ticonderoga
11. Encore
12. The Hunter
13. Dreams of a Samurai


Check out their website for more info on their new album and upcoming tours.


Also, check out their new video for Dark Necessities directed by Olivia Wilde.



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