Suicidal Tendencies at House of Blues Boston – 9/8/18

▣House of Blues | Boston, MA                               ▣Friday, September 8th 2018

The Godfathers of Punk Skate Music, thrash metal band Suicidal Tendencies, took over Boston last week for two special events. Their newest clothing collaboration with Converse, and the release of their newest album, ‘Still Cyco After All These Years’, making this the thirteen studio album for the Venice Beach Legends. This year, marks the 35th anniversary of their self titled release. In honor of the album, the band set out to play all of the ‘Still Cyco After All These Years’ album, which includes all the music from their self-titled debut. Along with a few other favorites, they performed in Boston for an unforgettable night of thrash hardcore metal music.


Getting into the city proved to be a challenge – the Red Sox were playing! And if you are from Boston, you know we love our boys in white and red…unless they happen to be playing on a night you are trying to get to a venue in Fenway. I drove around like a mad man for a while trying to find parking. Fifty dollars for parking?!?! I’ll keep driving. Finally, I found a parking lot…twelve blocks away.

Getting inside was a breeze, as always. The House of Blues Boston proves, yet again, to be my favorite venue. I walked in as Sick of It All was on stage entertaining their fans. They had the crowd turned up! The mosh pit looked strong, and you could definitely feel the energy. I’ve never really listened nor have seen these guys before, but I did like what I was hearing. Definitely worth another listen.


When the Suicidal Tendencies‘ banner came down, their fans immediately reacted with excitement. Now, a Suicidal is the kind of guy that by the looks of him, you wouldn’t want to be walking on the same side of the sidewalk at night. Bandanna low, past their eyes, wife beaters, Dickies pants, and boots or chucks. But fear not, if given a chance, they would take the shirt of their back in a heart beat for you. The kind of person that looks hard on the outside, but is really a softy. And let me make this clear, what I mean by soft, is that they have a big heart, and always wear it on their sleeve – my kind of people.

Growing up in the eighties, I was heavily influenced by skating and metal music. I of course knew who Suicidal Tendencies were. I remember their videos played regularly during the early MTV years. The good ol’ days, when all they played was music videos, day and night, with the occasional show like Head Bangers Ball – a show Suicidal Tendencies appeared on frequently. But tonight, it would be my first time seeing them live and I was feeling excited.


When the band made their entrance, on the stage, you immediately felt the energy. Mike Muir led the crowd from the start, through their gut wrenching set list that seemed to go on forever. Tonight wasn’t just about music – we had entered the church of Mike Muir! In between songs, Muir shared stories from his past, and preached about ‘Never give up, no matter what!’ Staying true to yourself, and never letting anything or anyone get in the way from achieving your dreams‘. Muir spoke, and the crowd listened. He was inspirational.

At one point, I found myself in the pit. I received surprised looks from the people in there – what is this guy doing in here with a camera? But, I needed to be in there, I needed to feel the music, to get involved and suicidal! The pit went hard, full of the kind of people that would try to knock you down, but then extend their hand to pick you back up. Nothing but love and respect, good stuff. At one point, Muir asked if there were any kids in the crowd. Sure enough, there were a few. He immediately asked them to join the band on stage. It also happened to be the youngest kid’s birthday, and he got the opportunity to sing with them-  what a fucking birthday! It was pretty awesome.


Highlights of the night for me – seeing them play ‘I Want More’. I have always loved the chorus to that song. ‘Possessed to Skate’ brought back some good memories. And of course, the eighties classic, ‘Institutional’ , was even more bad ass live! Muir and the guys had definitely brought it during the opening night of their tour. The energy these guys bring is unparalleled! And to think, they have been going this strong for so long. Such an inspiration to any band trying to make it in the business. Just like Muir said…’Don’t let anything stand in your way of achieving your dreams‘. And that’s something we can all get behind. Thank you for the memorable night Suicidals…until next time!


Review & Photos: Carlos Londono


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