Sublime with Rome sent crowd into an uproar for encore!

▣Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, MA                            Tuesday, July 12th 2016

Great music, beautiful weather, a friendly crowd and lots of marijuana; what more could you ask for from a Sublime show? Sublime with Rome brought their Summer Tour to the city of Boston on Tuesday July the 12th presented by Magical Butter dot com. Still supporting their latest album Sirens released last year, the guys brought this time around the Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds and Bleeker for their opening acts.

DirtyHeads13It was still light out when their main openers the Dirty Heads hit the stage. It was evident that the guys out of Huntington Beach California had a big following here in Boston and you could see a lot of their fans showed their support by wearing their t shirts.

The lights started to flash as Dirty J and the Dirty Heads came out on stage. Dirty J skipped from side to side of the stage saluting the crowd with peace signs up in he air. He stretched his legs and quickly opened their set with Burn Slow, as Dubby B finally made an entrance for his part, the crowd gave him a nice welcome. They continued their opening set with My Sweet Summer and Dance All Night, as the singing and dancing in Boston began.


The Dirty Heads hit the peak of their performance during their song Sloth’s Revenge, as the crowd sang along to their chorus and it echo through the entire Pavilion, “Ohh, ohh, oh, like Goonies Never Say Die” and screams could be heard every time they sang it. But who wouldn’t get behind such a classic chorus from a movie that has become a home favorite? I know they won me over and they had this Boston crowd also.


The guys closed their set with a new song from their self titled album released on July 15th, That’s All I Need, as their fans swung their hands from side to side. Although the song had just been release on April 20th, you can see that has already become a fan favorite.With peace signs up in the air they said Thank You and left the stage. The guys from Huntington Beach had put on a pretty memorable performance for this Boston crowd.

A cool breeze was setting in on this hot Summer night as the lights went out on stage, making it evident that Sublime’s performance was about to begin. The guys from Sublime with Rome walked on stage to a nice warm welcome from this Boston crowd. They immediately got the crowd on their feet with Date Rape and continued with Two Joints, the Toyes cover that has become a smoking anthem for most, giving this Boston crowd the OK to all ‘light up’, and they did. People could be seen passing around their joints and blunts to their neighbors next and across, and ‘Everybody must get high’.


The party in Boston continued as the guys from Sublime with Rome satisfied the crowd playing favorites like Wrong Way, 40oz. To Freedom and Pawn Shop, before moving to a Dennis Brown cover of Promised Land. This ganja induced crowd sang and dance, they were peaceful and it was liberating.

The bands twenty one set list also did include a Bad Religion cover of We’re Only Gonna Die and a Grateful Dead cover of Scarlet Begonias. Of course not leaving anything out, the guys from Sublime with Rome played their other hits like April 29, 1992, Doin’ Time and Badfish, once again got this Boston crowd on their feet and dancing.

Sublime4The crowd towards the end seemed tired and lifeless, but quickly revived from their coma like state, as the guys from Sublime and Rome sent this crowd into and uproar for their encore. Screams and loud bangs on chairs brought the guys back out on stage.

Rome came out and thank the crow and yelled “You guys want more? I can’t hear youuuu?” and the crowd quickly responded with loud cheers. They started their encore with What I Got, sending the crowd into a frenzy. For their next one Sirens, they brought out Dirty J and Dubby B from the Dirty Heads to sing the rap part of the song, bringing tonight’s energy to a new level. The band closed with fan favorite Santeria, leaving this Boston crowd sublimed with tonight’s performance.



By Carlos Londono


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