Måneskin – 11/26/22

▣MGM Music Hall | Boston, MA ▣Friday, November 26th 2022

▣Photographer/Journalist: Kal Patterson

Italian glam rock prodigies Måneskin took over the new MGM Music Hall at Fenway last Friday on their first-ever world tour, the Loud Kids Tour. Fans lined up down the block in the cold on both sides of Boston’s newest music venue, some of them since three or four in the morning. Måneskin clearly has a dedicated worldwide fanbase, and their performance made it clear why. The crowd was diverse, too, showing how the band has the ability to use their music to speak to people of all ages.

Despite their late start, the band put on a show for the books. This may have been their first ever show in Boston, but their ability to play to a crowd made them seem right at home. Vocalist Damiano David is on his way to becoming one of the most iconic frontmen in recent years. His stage presence and confidence were unmatched, and it was hard to look away from his captivating performance. The stage is David’s home, and it’s clear he has no plans on giving it up any time soon.

Still, there was time within their set for all four members to shine. Bassist Victoria De Angelis and guitarist Thomas Raggi traded off solos and jammed together, all while guided by Ethan Torchio’s strong drumming skills. Both their looks and performance called back to rock shows of days past, even complete with epic crowd surfing moments from David and De Angelis. Raggi’s uniform-esque skirt and the rest of the group’s dark makeup and painted nails made it clear that Måneskin knows who they are, and they aren’t afraid of letting anyone see. Contrary to their vintage vibes the band have made rock and roll all their own, and they were a must-see.

The Loud Kids Tour continues across North America in December of 2022, before heading to Europe throughout the spring and early summer of 2023. Be sure to catch Måneskin while you can!

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