Last nights BET Awards: Our top 3 music performances!

Last nights BET Awards had their share great music performances, including a few tributes to Prince. Here are our top 3 music performances from their awards show!

Beyoncé kicked off last nights show joined by Kendrick Lamar for Freefom, one of the songs from her most recent album. Watch their powerful performance here.

Alicia Keys also had a great performance. Her ‘one man show’ as she played with a sound machine, keyboards and guitar. She had the crowd clapping along to her performance of In Common. Watch her amazing performance here.

And a tribute to Prince by Janelle Monáe; singing Delirious, Kiss, Pop Life and I Would Die For You. Watch her electrifying performance here.


But it wasn’t the music performances what stole the show, but Jessie Williams’ speech after receiving the Humanitarian Award. Click here to listen to his entire powerful speech.


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