Cypress Hill & Hollywood Undead at House of Blues Boston – 3/5/19

▣House of Blues | Boston, MA                               ▣Tuesday, March 5th 2019

The Westcoast High Tour was in town last Tuesday night at the House of Blues, bringing hip hop legends Cypress Hill, Hollywood Undead, with special guests Xzibit and Demrick.

Getting into the city was no joke, since the Bruins were playing at the Garden. After battling traffic and bad weather, I finally made it to the House of Blues- one of my favorite places to watch a live show. Thanks to the efficiency of their security and staff, I had made it just in time for the beginning of Xzibit and Demrick’s set.


The crowd’s energy wasn’t very strong when Xzibit, Demrick and DJ Hoppa hit the stage. I thought, maybe they are too stoned? Although this was my first time seeing him perform, I recognized a couple of his songs like X and Front to Back. They were good to hear live. All in all, the trio put on a good performance.

J-dog, Danny, Funny Man, Johnny 3Tears and Charlie Scene – The guys from Hollywood Undead hit the stage next. Again, unfamiliar to their music and quite frankly, didn’t know much about them except the fact they’re from California. And, they wore masks during their performances. But, they went unmasked for this performance. Their set was filled with a lot of different layers and influences from different music genres. I heard some rock, rap, pop, punk, and even some reggae.

No two songs sounded alike, which is a good – there is nothing worse than a band whose songs sound all sound the same. Their set was definitely entertaining. A notable highlight from their set was during the song, Bad Moon, off their latest album release, Five. The song is a combination of rap, with a chorus sang by Danny Murillo- it really displayed his vocal ability and range. It rocked! It was a great set from Hollywood Undead. If you haven’t done so, make sure to check out their music!


Now, time for the West Coast legends- Cypress Hill. But first, we were treated by a solo by none other than their new DJ, Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys. I was so happy that I would get to see him performed again. The last time I saw him was back during the 2004 filming of “Awesome; I Fucking Shot That”, the Beastie Boys sold out concert in New York Madison Square Garden. Man, did it bring back some really good memories of that show. It was definitely a good start for me, seeing this legend perform once again.


With the Elephants On Acid backdrop, and Master Mike on the Turntables, Eric Bobo, Sen Dog, and B-Real hit the stage. They opened with one of their new hits off the Elephants On Acid album, Band of Gypsies, followed by Real Estate, before going into two of my favorite songs from them- Hand On The Pump and When The Shit Goes Down. It was a solid start!


They gave their performance some latin flavor with Latin Lingo and Latin Thug, before a fun performance of Tequila Sunrise. Mid show, Master Mike’s and Bobo’s skills were displayed as they rocked us with their intermediate routine, which was pretty dope! It would be followed by their weed medley mix that included the songs, Hits From the Bong and Dr. Greenthump. Their set also include other fan favorites like How Can I Just Kill A Man, Insane In the Brain, and Ain’t Going Out Like That, before closing with Rocksuperstar and another one off their newest release, LSD.


Cypress Hill put on a great performance for their fans, but there was definitely a buzz kill of the night. For the last few songs, I made my way to the middle-front section of the pit. I noticed people were being scolded and threatened by security about smoking weed. There were people speaking loudly about it, about the injustice of being at a Cypress Hill concert and not being able to light up. Especially with Massachusetts now being one of the states that has passed the legal use of recreational marijuana. A lot of people thought it wasn’t going to be an issue, but it was quite the opposite. Security was being more strict that I have ever experienced before. But, none of that took away from the great performance by Cypress Hill. It was my first time seeing them perform, and I was happy I finally caught them on tour. Until next time!


Review & Photos: Carlos Londono


Check out the band’s website for more info!

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