BE LEGENDARY! – New Video by Pop Evil!

Pop Evil released new music video for their song, ‘Be Lengendary”, which currently sits on the 9th spot on the Active Rock Charts. Check that out now!

Pop Evil has released a new music video for their track “Be Legendary” as the band continues to wow fans across the U.S. on their current headline tour. “Be Legendary” marks the fourth music video the band has released from their most current self-titled album that came out last year. Pop Evil once again teamed up with American film director Columbia Tatone. The group previously collaborated with her on the past three music videos for “A Crime To Remember,” “Colors Bleed,” and ”Waking Lions.” “Be Legendary” currently sits at #9 on the Active Rock Chart.

Vocalist Leigh Kakaty says: “When we were first writing this song, it started with this addictive yet hypnotic guitar riffSuddenly I could see our fans coming together as one. I just felt like this was going to be a great opportunity to write an anthemic type of lyrical song that could positively motivate people. Now we see all our fans posting on social media how this song motivates them in their daily lives. Plus, to see how passionate they are whenever they hear us perform it live. Time will tell just how big this song can become.”

Director Columbia Tatone weighs in: “This story is for the underdogs. It’s about friendship and togetherness. A reminder that although life doesn’t always ‘play fair,’ know that our trials are a gift as you build sustaining character, discovering what you’re indeed made of and made for as you earn the victory on the climb back up.”

Pop Evil put on an exciting performance for their fans a few weeks back when their tour came to Boston. Take a look at our review of that show and the killer photos here.


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