Astronoid’s Newest Album “Radiant Bloom” – OUT NOW!

The Boston-based band Astronoid has released their third studio album, “Radiant Bloom“, out now via 3DOT Recordings. The band previously previewed a few singles from the album, including “Human” and “Eyes”.

Astronoid was formed in 2012 in Lowell, Massachusetts by vocalist Brett Boland and bassist Daniel Schwartz, the current lineup includes Boland, Schwartz, guitarist Casey Aylward, and drummer Matt St. Jean. They have released two extended plays, “November” (2012) and “Stargazer” (2013), and two previous studio albums, “Air” (2016) and the eponymous “Astronoid” (2019).

Now the guys from Astronoid have leaped and bounds on a new leaf with their newest release “Radiant Bloom” (2022). Check out their most recent single from the album, “Human“!

Radiant Bloom was a self-produced album that is also the band‘s debut on 3DOT Recordings, a label created and guided by the band, Periphery. The album will be licensed by Century Media Records outside of North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Here is what Brett Boland, guitar player and songwriter for Astronoid, had to say about the band‘s first new album in three years –

“It‘s a balance of aggression and emotion. This is our next evolution. It‘s a reflection of everything over the past few years, and it‘s the most personal album we‘ve made so far. “Radiant Bloom” is about the state of being human and all the trials and tribulations that come along with that. It‘s about mundanity and boredom and about everything moving so fast that you feel like you can‘t do it all. It‘s about the flood of feelings that goes along with everyday experiences and trying to cope with the swirling vortex of life humming around you.”

Check out the video for “Eyes” – a track Boland describes as not feeling completely sure of who you are or what you‘re doing.

Here is what Mark Holcomb, guitar player for Periphery had to say about their newest partnership –

“We‘re thrilled to announce the signing of Astronoid to 3DOT Recordings. They have been on our radar since 2017 when we toured the U.S. together, and we‘ve wanted to sign them since we launched the label in 2018. Not only have they become friends of ours over the years, but we‘re big fans of their music. We believe ’Radiant Bloom‘ is their strongest album to date. 3DOT has always been a label that prioritizes creativity no matter the genre or style, and Astronoid fits firmly in its vision.”

The National Public Radio had this to say about their newest release –

“They’d create a surprisingly effective mix of shoegaze-y blast beats, pretty pop-punk singalongs, and post-rock ambiance.”

Brooklyn Vegan had this to say about the album –

“Seamlessly pulls together elements of dream pop, post-hardcore, metal, and more.”

Listen to the album now!

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