Ripe – 4/8/23

▣MGM Music Hall | Boston, MA ▣Friday, April 8th 2023
▣Photographer/Journalist: Kal Patterson

Ripe is one of the newest jam bands on the scene, making new waves off the wake of bands like Goose and Phish. Their April 8th, 2023 return to Boston, a city Ripe credits with the creation of their band, was highly anticipated following their knockout performance at 2022’s Boston Calling music festival. Of course, their comeback at Boston’s new MGM Music Hall did not disappoint.

Ripe’s latest album, “Bright Blues“, is a delightful and groovy alt-pop ode to navigating adult life that performs even better onstage. Lead singer Robbie Wulfsohn and guitarist Jon Becker have noticeable onstage energy that is just infectious to watch, something audiences have grown used to throughout their career. Their seamless synchronicity is a privilege to both watch and document, and it is clear that they have spent years honing their musical craft. As is jam band tradition, fans are willing to follow them. It’s not unheard of to come across audience members discussing how many shows they’ve been to, and how long they’ve been following the band, among other things. Their bright, punchy sound also has the ability to draw in crowds of all ages. A good amount of fans on the barricade rail were merely excited kids holding Liquid Death water cans to look cool alongside their equally-excited parents. This show brought the crowd together in a way that only good live music can do.

Ripe has a bright future, no pun intended. From their sheer musical prowess to their ability to market themselves to a wide audience, it’s clear that they’ve already had no trouble growing a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase. It’s no wonder that the spotlight just can’t seem to be torn away from them. Ripe’s current tour continues across North America until August 24th, 2023. Be sure to catch them before it’s too late!

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