Omar Apollo – 4/27/22

▣Fox Theater | Pomona, CA ▣Wednesday, April 27th 2022

▣Photographer/Journalist: Sadie Arredondo        

After gracing Coachella with his electrifying performances, Omar Apollo made a stop at the Fox Theater in Pomona, CA with supporting act, Tora-i for his Desvelado Tour followed by the release of his new album, Ivory.

Coming all the way from London, singer Tora-i and her guitarist Eliza took us back to the early 2000’s when R&B was at its prime. Though reminiscent, Tora-i knew exactly how to balance influence and individuality perfectly. Soulful and relaxed are 2 words that come to mind when I look back on this performance.

After Tora-i left the crowd feeling smooth, it was time for Omar Apollo to take the stage. If there’s one thing Omar knows how to do, it’s entertain. His stage presence made you want to get on stage and dance with him to every song. However, Omar didn’t allow the stage to be only his. He was joined by his drummer Joey Medrano, his bassist Manny Barajas, and his guitarist Oscar Emiliano. The four had the crowd going wild and they knew exactly how to give Pomona a good time. They showed their Mexican pride by flying the Mexican flag while Omar performed his Spanish songs over several Modelos. They all ended up shirtless by the end of the night per the crowd’s request. Not only were the fans blown away by the show, but Omar was also taken aback by the crowd’s energy. “Who knew Pomona would be this lit?”, he said.

Before Omar left them with a night they’ll never forget, he introduce each of his bandmates and thanked his fans for their undying support.

Be sure to catch the Desvelado Tour in a city near you, you will not be disappointed.

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Tora i

Omar Apollo

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Tora i

Omar Apollo

You can also stream Ivory, which features Daniel Caesar and Kali Uchis, today here.

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