Avatar Country at Aura – 5/19/19

▣Aura | Portland, ME                             ▣Sunday, May 19th 2019

I had one of those shows people. Everything was perfect. Unexpected. First time to this venue to boot. Aura in Portland was amazing. It had fantastic aesthetic, the lighting and sound were on point, and the staff was incredible too. Go visit this venue for something asap, 13/10 will not be disappointed. The opening lineup was nearly a complete mystery to me but, I now have a lot of homework to do now to catch up.

68 (2)

The ’68 was up first. These dudes hail from Atlanta and are the remnants of an older punk group named the Chariot. Only 2 guys. The sound and energy they produce though are fucking incredible. Singer, guitarist, frontman, effects, bassist, etc.… Josh and disco dancing drummer Niko literally stole the crowd up front which never happens. It was a mild comedy show amidst some 30 second songs and some actual bangers. Josh made up for no bass with an array of effects that made no one miss it and ended the set with putting a guitar riff on loop and removing Niko’s kit piece by piece while he was still playing. Go out of your way to check these guys out. Find them on Instagram at @theyare68.

dwtd (6)

Dance with the Dead was the next act to roll out. I didn’t put two and two together by the name until they brought out two DJ stations. They were explained to me by my buddy Chris as synth wave, which to me is basically an 80’s action movie. Add metal guitars and a dope beard, you get Dance with the Dead. These guys had the crowd bouncing, except for the two 50 something blue collar white dudes next to me who hate anything remotely different from their dad rock but fuck those guys. This was fun as hell, and you should check them out too. Find them on Instagram @dwtd.

dtownsend (4)

So, Devin Townsend. I’ve heard the name all over but never actually had the chance to check the stuff out. This was an acoustic set and the minute he came out; I knew I’d love it. He is as close to John Malkovich as a musician as humanly possible. Imagine John played a comedic musician in a movie, that’s my take on Devin. He’s intelligent, hilarious, and a fantastic musician. Strapping young lad, Devin Townsend Project, and his solo acoustic stuff. Find him and check it out. On Instagram @dvntownsend.

Avatar (9)

I’ve shot/ seen/ written about Avatar for you multiple times. Won’t dig into the minutia too much since I already have but fuck, I’m in love with these guys. A 17-song set to end the weekend was exactly what we all needed. I’m praying to Satan this isn’t the first time you’ve ever heard of them but if it is, do yourself a huge favor and get their catalog. They are as close to Rammstein status for me as a band gets. Anyone who knows me knows what that means. They’re amazing. They have the antics, the outfits, the presence, and the musical ability. Legends from Gothenburg. Instagram @avatarmetal.

Welcome to Avatar Country!

— Der Meister


Review & Photos: Anthony Coy


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