Xfinity Center | Mansfield, MA                             Friday, July 5th 2019

Rockstar Energy brought their Disrupt Music Festival, with headliners Thrice, The Used and Circa Survive, to the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA.

Having no photo pass for tonight’s event didn’t matter much since I would get to see some of my favorite bands on the same bill. And although I just went to have a good time, I couldn’t help myself from snapping some photos from the pit and from sharing some of my thoughts with you on how my night at festival played out, so here it goes. 

Once I arrived at the venue, I grabbed a beer and looked for a good place to sit. It was general admission, so I could pretty much sit anywhere, which was nice. Sleeping With Sirens was the band playing on stage when I arrived. I wasn’t too familiar with them, so I just sat back and watched. They put on a good set, and their fans really seemed to enjoy it.


I then made my way to the front pit area, because there is only one way to see Atreyu- up close and personal. Atreyu has been a favorite of mine bands since I first saw them at Taste of Chaos in 2007. These guys are so good, extremely talented, and so much fun to watch, and they have only gotten better with time. Their setlist featured some of my favorites like Right Side of the Bed, Becoming the Bull, When Two Are One, and Bleeding Mascara. They also even manage to cover the Bon Jovi hit, You Give Love a Bad Name- and that was just half of their set! If you haven’t caught them in concert before, I suggest that you do, you will not be disappointed. Atreyu Rocks!

The Story So Far hit the stage next, and once again I was unfamiliar with them, so I decided to sit back and watch. They certainly had a following there, but for me, it unfortunately just isn’t my cup of tea and I found myself waiting for the next band to take the stage.


I moved to the front again for the last trio of bands, starting with Circa Survive. I’ve seen them perform twice before, and although the band has a loyal following, I have never personally been into their music. I find Anthony Green’s (lead singer) vocals to be just okay, and never been amazed by his singing ability. But I will say, his showmanship, is the real deal. He leaves it all on stage at every show. He jumped in the front pit area tonight on more than one occasion to sing along with the crowd. His energy was contagious.


THEUSED6The Used was the first of the two headliners to hit the stage. They are veterans in the music scene, quickly making a name for themselves with their first release back in 2002, and reached global success in just a short time. And, they have been riding the wave ever since. This was my third time seeing them live, so I was definitely excited. Massachusetts was no different for The Used- it was just another show to rock, and that is exactly what they! It was a production none the less, and when the white curtain came down, the band erupted onto the stage and opened with their 2004 hit, Take It Away.

Their sweat-drenched set also included The Taste of Ink, Buried Myself Alive, and Pretty Handsome Awkard, which are some of my favorite songs from them. Every song performance was badass! Their high energy also brought out some of the best crowd surfing and moshing of the night. They closed with A Box Full of Sharp Objects, and brought out Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens to give them a hand on vocals, taking their set to another level. At the end of the song, Bert went into the Rage Against The Machine hit, Killing In The Name. Their performance was nothing less than epic!

Thrice closed the show, and unlike their predecessor, there was no curtain dropping for the beginning of their set. They entered the stage and went straight to work an opened with Yellow Belly, followed immediately by the 2003 fan-favorited, The Artist in the Ambulance. Also a veteran band, dating back to 1998 when the band originally formed. After a four-year hiatus the band reformed in 2015, and since then have released the albums To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere in 2016and Palms in 2018, and they would choose to close their biggest hits from 2016, Black Honey, but for their last one they would go with their hit from their 2005 album Vheissu, The Earth Will Shake, before exiting the stage.


I have seen Thrice a few times, and they are always so good to watch, as always, but their sound has innovated over time, and I am not sure it was a good transition from the highly energetic Used set. If it were up to me, I would have chosen The Used or Atreyu to close the night with a bang.

Overall, I enjoyed the line-up, and since Warped Tour only made a couple stops this year, it was a nice opportunity to see some of the bands together. Also, the ticket price was relatively cheap too, I would have paid that much just to see Atreyu!


Review & Photos: Carlos Londono


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