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Highly Suspect at Royale Boston – 8/12/17

▣Royale | Boston, MA                                          ▣Saturday, August 12th 2017

Highly Suspect partied with their hometown fans at the Royale on a sold out night. Their set was explosive and electrifying, marking the end of The Boy Who Died Wolf tour.

It was a sold out night at the Royale Boston for the come back of Massachusetts own, Highly Suspect. But before they set the stage, Boston was treated to a band called And The Kids. The girl trio, not to be confused with a girl band – put on a stellar performance! Their lead singer Hannah Mohan, had a Kurt Cobain quality to her, captivating the crowd from the start.

The crowd was pumped for Highly Suspect to take the stage, and while they waited they listened to a set from DJ Reeves on the turntables. When the band finally hit the stage, they received a big welcoming from their fans. The guys danced onto the stage as they quickly got their equipment ready.  Johnny Stevens (singer, guitarist) would speak to the crowd before leading them to Viper Strike, setting the tone for the rest of their performance. The guys came to party during their hometown show and were definitely blowing off some steam. The crowd pushed through their entire set and we got to see some of the wildest crowd surfing probably ever displayed at the Royale. They would put on an explosive and electrifying set, marking the end of The Boy Who Died Wolf tour. Check out the video highlights from their performance.


Review & Video: Carlos Londono


Check out the band’s websites for more info!

Highly Suspect


(Concert photography was not allowed during this tour.)




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