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The Blood Lust Death tour brings a wild night of debauchery to their Boston fans!

▣Palladium | Worcester, MA                                      ▣Friday, March 24th 2017

Pioneers in the industrial metal music scene headlined this years Blood Lust Death tour. Combichrist and Dope, with special guests September Mourning and Davey Suicide, packed the upstairs Palladium for a wild night of debauchery!

On Friday night March 24th, the industrial metal scene was well represented at the Worcerster Palladium. Leather jackets, mohawks, spike collars and even gas masks were seen at the return of Dope and Combichrist during the Blood Lust Death tour. They brought along special guests goth rocker Davey Suicide and September Mourning, whose style is characteristic of a comic book character combined with metal music, written and performed by September herself. Although I was only familiar with Combichrist and the venue’s size would be challenging, I knew the night would not disappoint.


I found myself upstairs by the time Davey Suicide came on. I took a couple of photos from the balcony and headed downstairs. After fighting my way through the intense crowd, I made it to the front of the stage. The pit was going hard and the pushing towards the front began. Davey and his band sounded great. He had a few different wardrobe changes, one which included an american flag shirt. Another memorable piece was a hat with realistic devil horns. Davey Suicide had a good set, and there was definitely a presence of his fans in the crowd.


September Mourning would take the stage next. September and her band came on stage wearing cloaks, while their fans cheered them on. She removed her cloak, revealing her white leather outfit that she is know for. Although I am not familiar with her music, I thought her set started out pretty good. She did a rendition of the classic Ben King song, Stand By Me. At first I didn’t know how to feel about it, sometimes it is hard listening to a cover of a song that is already so perfect. But, it grew on me towards the end. Unfortunately after a few songs she experienced a mic failure. And although she was singing, we couldn’t hear her in the crowd. She finally noticed it, but kept going. She made it obvious to her guitar player who gave her his mic, but it was not in tune to her voice, so the performance just didn’t sound right after that. I hope to see her under better circumstances.


Up next, it was time for Combichrist to kick it up a notch. They were the only band that I was familiar with and I was looking forward to their set. Andy LaPlegua and the guys of Combichrist were here to slay from the moment they walked on stage. LaPlague stood up front and got the mosh pit going again. To the left of the stage was Joe Letz on drums, sporting a wig and fake breasts for the night. It was quite the sight to see. Letz, not only a great entertainer, is an amazing drummer. The other drummer was non other than Nick Rossi from New Years Day, who is currently in tour with them. The two guys together provided us with one of the best drumming duo’s that I have ever seen. Eric 13 provided intense back-up vocals and was a beast on the guitar. While on bass, Brent Ashley was as heavy as they get. The guys would go on to sing songs like Skullcrusher, Maggots at the Party, Shut up and Swallow and I’m Happy Anyway. In the middle of My Life My Rules, LaPlegua would speak to his fans -“Fuck yes, I’ll say it again, we only live once, and this, is the most important thing in my life right now. Are you with me? Right here baby, through this shit! Am I having a bad time, NO!”. He continued with with the song and in that moment, it was definitely Andy’s Rules! The guys also were very memorable during Sent to Destroy, as they went crazy along with the crowd- people jumped off the stage into the pit to crowd surf and LaPlegua jumped right along while singing. It was a phenomenal show by LaPlague and the guys from Combichrist.The crowd seemed the most alive during their set.


Dope would wrap things up for the night, and as they set the stage the crowd anticipated the beginning of their set. As I looked around I realized there was definitely a good amount of fans here to see Dope. And when they finally made their entrance, they would get a nice welcome. Lead singer Ensel Dope interacted with their fans and knew how to get the crowd going. Again, I was unfamiliar with their library of songs, which date back to 1999. I did notice a cover of Billy Idol’s, Rebel Yell and The Dead or Alive’s, You Spin Me Around (Like a Record). The guys from Dope put on a great performance for their New England fans.

Overall, a couple of mishaps, but for the most part the Blood Lust Death tour packed some entertaining performances. If I had to pick a favorite of the night, it would go to Combichrist. Not because I was familiar with their music, but because LaPlegua and the guys seemed to have the most fun on stage with their fans. They left them drenched in sweat and begging for more. It was a real Skullcrusher of a time!

Review & Photos: Carlos Londono

Check out the bands websites for more info!



Davey Suicide

September Mourning

September Mourning

Davey Suicide




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